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About Us

Recover From Substance Abuse

Our mission at Center City Recovery is to provide the absolute most compassionate, comfortable and cutting-edge treatment services to those seeking addiction treatment in Philadelphia, PA. We are a small and welcoming community who welcomes all of our patients with open arms. Treatment at CCR is successful because, upon admission, we create an individualized program for you or your loved one that is conducive to healing.


From the moment you arrive, you are greeted with open arms and treated with respect and dignity while you enjoy world-class treatment from our highly qualified staff. We believe this beautiful setting, coupled with our industry leading treatment programs, provides a recovery experience like no other – one that will help you to build the foundation for a satisfying and substance-free life.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

 Medical Care – At Center City Recovery, we embrace innovation by adopting new medical advances in addiction treatment. Our medical treatment is comprehensive and personalized based on your individual circumstances and treatment history. Our on-site multidisciplinary team of board-certified physicians, physician assistants, and nurses specialize in diagnosing and treating the effects of drug and alcohol dependence.
 Psychological & Psychiatric Care – Overcoming addiction is an increasingly complex challenge especially if you also struggle with co-occurring psychological or psychiatric conditions—something we see in many of our patients. With psychiatrists and clinical psychologists on staff, CCR is equipped to assess, diagnose, stabilize and treat the factors that affect your mental health.

 Clinical Care – Our addiction treatment programs address today’s most prevalent substance use disorders, including alcoholism, opiate abuse, and prescription drug addiction. Our addiction counseling is private and personalized to address your circumstances. We’ll assign you to a counselor to guide you through each phase of your treatment. Addiction counseling at Center City arms you with the tools you need to transform addictive behaviors into long-term healthy habits.
 Holistic Care – Holistic care means caring for the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. Our state-of-the-art substance abuse treatment facility offers an environment for holistic care – from extended recovery skills to relapse prevention to everyday health and wellness. Holistic healing will help you maintain lifelong recovery.

 State & National Certification – We’re licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Drug & Alcohol Programs (DDAP), the state agency that oversees substance abuse treatment facilities. We are also pursuing national certification through the Joint Commission, an organization that sets the highest standards for safe, competent care in the United States.
 Gender Specific Paths – We have learned that gender plays a very important role in the recovery process and that you may feel more comfortable expressing yourself in gender specific groups. Our gender specific paths provide opportunities for you to address issues common to your gender and addiction. We have witnessed our patients feel more comfortable and have more freedom to express themselves when they are with peers of the same gender.
Before entering Center City Recovery, our patients are carefully assessed and evaluated by our treatment team to determine the best approach to care. Our specialized treatment plans address not only the medical aspects of recovery, but also our patients’ psychosocial needs. Our objective is to empower our patients on their path to wellness, and also connect them with the resources they need to create rewarding, meaningful lives in their communities.

Evidence-Based Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Our drug and alcohol treatment protocols follow the evidenced-based Syndrome Model of Addiction.The Addiction Syndrome Model suggests that addiction has many expressions – such as alcohol, drugs, excessive eating, shopping or sex. Each expression of addiction is most effectively treated by blending a variety of holistic and clinical protocols accordingly. At CCR, we offer a complete array of recommended treatments and resources and we tailor our programs to meet the specific needs of the individual.

This unique approach requires a smaller, more intimate experience. We maintain a staff-to-client ratio of 3:1 to ensure that you are always well attended to and that your needs are met. Once participating in drug and alcohol recovery programs at CCR, you become a permanent member of our community, as our commitment to you is life-long.

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