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Welcome to Center City Recovery, a leading outpatient treatment facility located in Center City Philadelphia. Our professional, supportive environment will help you break the cycle of addiction. Our team will help you walk your path of recovery. Our addiction treatment programs address today’s most prevalent substance use disorders, including alcohol use, opioid use and prescription drug addiction. Our addiction counseling is private and personalized to address your circumstances. We’ll assign you to a counselor to guide you through each phase of your treatment. Addiction counseling at Center City arms you with the tools you need to transform addictive behaviors into long-term healthy habits. You are not alone in this fight against addiction, and we will guide you through the challenging situations you must face.

Recovery is a lifelong practice that takes patience and hard work to achieve. Our main goal at Center City Recovery is to guide you every step of the way for a successful recovery journey. Our team of treatment experts will help you overcome this vicious disease that is addiction and our customized addiction treatment programs are tailored to meet your needs and recovery goals. We provide an intensive outpatient program, comprehensive aftercare treatment programs, and intervention services, to name a few. No matter which addiction you suffer from, our highly-qualified treatment team can help you overcome your disease and truly recover. The best path to recovery is one that is personalized and tailored to help you overcome your struggles. Everyone will experience a different path towards recovery and we are prepared to treat all kinds of addiction.

We believe that integrated behavioral treatment care—a holistic form of treatment that addresses your physical, psychiatric, social, and spiritual well-being, as well as your family relationships and education—is the most effective approach to addiction recovery. It’s never too late to start over and regain control over your life. Center City Recovery provides relapse prevention techniques so that all our patients have the proper tools to utilize in challenging situations once treatment is completed. We have successfully treated numerous individuals and they have gone on to live happy and healthy lives in recovery. Your path to recovery starts here. Contact our drug and alcohol treatment center in Philadelphia today for more information on the drug and alcohol treatment programs we offer at our facility.

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