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Welcome to Center City Recovery. As a leading rehab facility, our recovery services for drug and alcohol abuse are anchored by specialists certified in addiction medicine, away from unhealthy environments that can feed into your substance abuse. Our expertise draws from real life experience, not just a textbook. Our professional yet relaxed facility serves as a supportive environment where you can break away from the cycle of addiction. Trust that our team has your absolute best interest at heart and will help walk you down the path of recovery.

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Center City Recovery

Limiting Opioid Prescriptions in Philadelphia

Opiates are one of the oldest medicinal drugs used to treat pain. In China, the opium poppy provided pain relief beginning in ancient times, and the p...

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Center City Recovery

Short- And Long-Term Effects of Crack

Stimulants such as crack cocaine are among the most commonly abused drugs in the world and also one of the toughest for addicts to quit, according to ...

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Center City Recovery

Signs of Adderall Use And Symptoms Of Withdrawal

How does a prescription medication become dangerous? Adderall, a well-known amphetamine, is commonly prescribed to people who suffer from ADHD or narc...

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