How Addiction Affects Families

When there is addiction present in the family unit, everyone is affected by this disease, and the pain can unfortunately tear loved ones apart. Someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol may lie to their family members to try and cover up their unhealthy behaviors. They may also steal money from their loved ones in order to continue their drug use. Because this horrible disease affects everyone in a family unit, it’s important that a family comes together and undergoes treatment so that everyone can heal and move forward. Center City Recovery explains how addiction can affect families.


Addiction can cause a lot of anxiety and stress amongst family members who are constantly worrying about their loved one’s health and well-being. You never want to see someone you care about suffer and self-destruct and the entire family unit will feel pain because of the addiction. The emotional stress can be too much to handle during this time and relationships can be severely damaged. Effective communication can also be lost during this time and there may be deception present.


While there can be a lot of damage created during active addiction, there is an effective solution that a family unit can work towards. Family therapy sessions will help everyone heal and get their personal feelings laid out on the table. During therapy, family members will learn more about this disease and how enabling behaviors can be destructive. Making amends and repairing relationships is an important component to treatment, and everyone has the opportunity to express their pain and how the addiction has personally hurt them. A family can successfully move forward after treatment is completed and their loved one is fully recovered.


Center City Recovery is a drug and alcohol treatment center in Philadelphia that is committed to helping individuals and their families recover from any addiction. If your or your loved one is suffering, and you don’t know where to turn, contact us today.